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High Quality LED Screen Display Backpack For Your Market

Jun. 29, 2019

LED backpacks have received a big nod in the travel industry. Unlike their conventional counterparts, these backpacks have taken backpacking into the next level making it fun and exciting. They are not like typical backpacks that are ordinarily used for packing personal stuff. LED display backpacks combine both function and comfort allowing you the user to enjoy every moment of it. It is meant to give you utmost safety, protection, and enjoyable hike or trip. 

Features and Benefits

•Smart LED Display

Each LED screen display backpack comes with a smart DIY LED bulb that you can customize according to your favorite color and style. It also has an app that lets you personalize your backpack based on your mood or wardrobe. 

•Weatherproof design

With a waterproof nylon material composition, the backpack can guarantee extreme use. The fabric is coated to repel water and other external elements thus protecting the contents in it. Additionally, the base is well-textured to improve its durability. 

•Powerful Battery

The backpack comes with a huge capacity 10000 mAh battery that provides up to 6 to 7 hours of continuous display. The battery can be charged via a USB cable and you can also use it to charge your Android or Apple smartphone. The USB port is compatible with various USB cables. 

•Anti-theft system

Whether you’re using it for business trips or school, LED backpack guarantees you maximum safety of your belongings. The inbuilt hidden pockets, secure lock, and high-quality deep zippers make it very safe for use anywhere. 

•Generous size and lightweight design 

Alongside the excellent padding, LED backpacks feature a lightweight and ergonomic design. The accommodative size of 42 by 32 by 9 cm helps to provide proper gravity dispersion which helps to protect your shoulders and back. You can use it for an extended period without getting hurt. 

Where to get the best LED Backpacks

For quality LED backpacks, contact SmartTrunk for the best deals. Our company is among the leading manufacturer and supplier of LED screen display backpacks in China. Our products are designed with the needs of the user in mind. We’re equipped with a skilled workforce that take part in the production process. Our company is based in Dong Guan city and we have a 20,000 square-meters factory where we do mass production of LED backpacks. 

Why choose us?

•We use top-grade materials to produce high-quality backpacks.

•Our daily production is about 10,000-30,000 pieces. We have a huge stock of LED backpacks available for wholesale. In case you’re looking for a reliable source of LED display backpacks, we guarantee you a smooth supply process. 

•We’re an ISO-certified company with ready WCA and SEDEX audit in place. 

•We can customize our products to suit different user or market needs worldwide. There are over 100 styles to choose from and our design team can flexibly design any style you need.

•Our delivery process is quick, dependable and guaranteed. Be sure to expect the best shipping ever. 

•All our products are backed up by a one-year warranty which covers all forms of manufacturer defects.

Regardless of the quantity you want, your location or design style, count on SmartTrunk LED Display Backpack Manufacturers in China. Contact us today for great deals.

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