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How to find high quality Real Carbon Fiber Luggage suppliers in China

Jun. 17, 2019

Carbon fiber luggage are popular because of their unique qualities. Carbon luggage have gained popularity over the past few years. They bring multiple benefits.

Benefits of carbon fiber luggage

They are can carry a large amount of load, are strong, and lightweight. When you can carob fiber luggage, it gives a unique appearance that is inimitable. Carbon fiber is a material that is strong but light enough not to make you feel the weight of the luggage itself. The material and the suitcase are compatible with other materials, including plastics, fiber, metals, concrete and wood. China leads in the production of Carbon Fiber Luggage. There are a large number of Carbon Fiber Luggage Suppliers in China. We’ll explain here how to find high-quality real carbon fiber luggage suppliers in China.

How to choose the right company?How to find high quality Real Carbon Fiber Luggage suppliers in China

To find the best supplier of carbon fiber luggage suppliers in China, the best thing is to search on Google. Consider the top seven or eight suppliers.

Visit the official website of each supplier and the out online testimonials. From this, you can judge the minimum aspects such as the company, their location, address, product profile, professional competence.

Send business proposals (RFQs) to the selected suppliers. Watch out the response from each. This will help you decide which supplier is suitable and therefore, you can move forward further. 

Visit the company in person. Discuss the products you wish to start a business in with the company’s expert team. 

Make sure to check the production facility. This will show who organized and technically sound the company is. 

Discuss all the potential items such as product design, material, supply, shipping norms and so forth. This will rule out any ambiguity and potential failures such as shipping the cargo on time. 

Smarter Luggage

Located out of Dong Guan city, Guang Dong province, China Smarter Luggage is a professional company engaged in luggage bag manufacturing and export. The company tops the hard luggage manufacturers in China.

There are 200 experienced workers in the production line and 500 skilled members in the workforce at bag production lines. Endowed with 20,000 square meter factory facility for production, the company’s daily output stands at 10,000 pieces of luggage and 30,000 paces of bags. The company has been conferred with ISO9001 certification, SEDEX audit and WCA certification for getting the best quality service. 

What the company makes

The prime sale items of luggage and baggage are a matter of proven excellence for the company. Each of the items is available in six different colors. This adds to the variety of the product. The company is the biggest of Carbon Fiber Luggage Suppliers in the globe. 

If you are planning to start a luggage business, the company is going to offer you the best quality services of low MOQ, factory price, mix styles, and colors, fast delivery, and the best shipping means.

Customized product

The company endeavors to offer the best service by offering customized products across the globe customers. 

The designing team of the company plays a proactive role and creates models of the product as desired by the customer. The company boasts of having developed over 100 styles of luggage for different groups of customers across the globe.


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